Save the Planet 🌿

#PledgeTo Help Save our Environment!

This Earth Month, Pledge is taking action in aiding important organizations that help protect our planet Earth through their dedication to environmental and conservation efforts:

Friends of the Earth: An advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the environment, human communities, and healthy life on our planet.

EcoHealth Alliance: A conservation organization dedicated to protecting wildlife and safeguarding human health from the emergence of disease. The organization develops ways to combat the effects of damaged ecosystems on human and wildlife health.

Sierra Club Foundation: Bridges the intersection of strategic philanthropy and grassroots advocacy. As a publicly supported charity, we partner with thousands of donors across the U.S. to invest in organizations that have an outsized impact on the health of the planet.

Earth Island Institute: Encourages the efforts of creative individuals on critical ecological issues. EII supports diverse new initiatives and provides a stable base for on-going projects. This network of 60 projects shares central resources and benefits from the synergetic exchange of experience, ideas, and energy.

After a severe increase in natural disasters, raging wildfires and other devastating effects of climate change, the time of supporting our planet is now more important than ever. Organizations need your help in continuing their missions in preventing further harm in our climate, educating communities about important environmental issues, and enacting life saving initiatives that will aid future generations that inhabit this planet. We want to take the time to recognize our amazing planet and all the wonderful contributions it gives us to help us live globally.If you want to make a difference in saving our planet this Earth month, click here to learn more about environmental nonprofit organizations you would like to support.We all live on this planet together, so let’s take a stand to help Mother Nature. 🌎

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